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Z-Burger: Reunited with a Lost Love

From the moment my boss announced that she would be treating us to Z-Burger for lunch today, I’ve been wallowing in two emotions: guilt and rabid anticipation. Guilt, because of my general thoughts on meat-eating, and rabid anticipation, because it’s been ages since I’ve had a burger, and my god was I craving one in the worst way.

The object of my affection, a double burger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and mushrooms.

Plus heaping orders of fries and onion rings for everyone.

Objectively I can’t even really comment on the quality of the burger.  For all I care it could have been ground beef slapped between two pieces of shoe leather and I probably would have proclaimed it the best thing ever.  All I know is my level of enjoyment for this thing shocked and amazed me. And whatever’s in that “Z-sauce” that comes on the side, it’s working.

My co-workers and I were all standing there eating, and I was desperately trying to conceal my creepy sounds of food ecstasy, but a few slipped out, despite myself.  I’m afraid the scene looked something like this.

Couldn’t help it. You can eat all the lentil burgers, veggie burgers, or soy burgers you want… nothing replaces the taste of the real thing. And because I hadn’t had one in so long, I appreciated it that much more.

Oh, burger, how I’ve missed you. You’ll always have a place in my heart.  It may be a while before we cross paths again, but I promise it’ll be special when we do.

1101 4th St. SW
Washington, DC