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Seeing Tom, Gail and Giada at the Metro Cooking and Entertaining Show

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I learned something at the recent Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show: Tom Colicchio’s and Gail Simmons’s fans are into “Top Chef”; Giada De Laurentiis’s fans are a cross between Kathy Bates in “Misery” and Oprah’s audience. First though, the show itself. Held at the Walter […]

Food Thought Potpourri

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Because some food thoughts are too long to tweet… * My sister gave me several bottles of Zico coconut water to take home with me the last time I visited. Tastes good, is all-natural, and each bottle contains 569mg potassium, 160mg sodium, and 13g carbohydrate. […]

Quick Thoughts on the Top Chef Masters Premiere

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** SPOILER ALERT ** Good start to season 2 — glad to have TC back. Whew, they’re returning to the regular 10pm time slot next week. I’m no senior citizen, but 11pm was a little late. Sorry to see Cambridge, MA’s own Ana Sortun go, […]

Cleaning out the Food Clutter

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Great episode of Top Chef tonight, so I’m gonna kick off this collection of food thoughts with TC talk. (Spoilers ahead.) 1) How cool was Eric Ripert?  He’s one of the most celebrated chefs in the country and he came across as down-to-earth, warm and […]

I Finally Watched Top Chef

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My mom’s a huge fan of Top Chef.   Sometimes in her emails she’ll tell me about the latest episode. When I talk to her she’ll ask me if I’ve been watching, and my response is always the same: “I don’t watch Top Chef.” There’s a reason […]