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Feeling Peckish After Lunch at the TaKorean Food Truck

I’m somewhat ambivalent about the whole food truck phenomenon. I get the attraction of fresh, out-of-the-norm food that pops up in your neighborhood like an ice cream truck on a hot summer day.  Food trucks are fun. They’re unique. It’s exciting to find out a particular truck is coming to your area.


Shouldn’t the guiding principle of the food truck be that the food is inexpensive? As in, less expensive than a brick and mortar restaurant?

My co-worker Cindy and I stumbled upon the TaKorean truck recently when it was parked on 7th St. across from the Verizon Center. Yum. Korean tacos. I wanted one.

It being a nice day and the height of the lunch hour rush, a line was queued up.

Moved fairly quickly though, and gave us a chance to peruse the menu: a choice of meat (steak, chicken or tofu) and slaw (spicy kimchi slaw or napa-romaine), in a taco or a bowl. $3.50 for one taco, or $9 for three tacos. The bowl was also $9.

These are my three tacos, one of each meat, with the kimchi slaw.

Each taco gets a treatment of sriracha, lime crema, cilantro and sesame seeds, and the corn tortillas are doubled up to prevent the filling from falling through.

I liked the bulgogi steak the best, followed closely by the tofu. The chicken was the weakest of the three.

We gobbled up our tacos on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery. When we left I was still hungry. Like, barely-made-a-dent hungry. I realize I have human garbage disposal tendencies, but I could have eaten at least two, maybe three more tacos. At those prices that would have cost anywhere from $16-$18!  $9 for three tacos may sound like a bargain, but we’re not talking about an enormous amount of food here.

Compare these tacos and prices to the tacos I ate at Los Molcajetes in Norwalk, CT. More filling, and substantially cheaper. And Los Molcajetes is a restaurant, not a truck.

I know, I know, Norwalk is a small city, Washington is a big city and price inflation has to be factored in. I still think there could be a middle ground. TaKorean is a welcome change of pace for lunch, but next time I’m eating a snack beforehand.