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Holiday Drinks at The Willard

Scratch one off the DC bucket list. Holiday drinks at The Willard: check.

The Willard hotel is a DC landmark, and it really comes alive during the holidays when decorations and lights go up, and carolers sing nightly in the lobby.

I paid a visit a few nights ago with my friends Melissa and Becky. One look at the decorated entrance puts you in the holiday mood.

In the lobby, more decorations and a Christmas tree.


Carolers singing familiar Christmas tunes. I mean really, if all this doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit, you’re made of stone.

The entrance to the bar.

We sat between the Round Robin Bar and the Nest Room. Here’s a look toward the Round Robin Bar. A big, dark, circular bar — old timey and classy, filled with people who look rather important.

Our drink of choice: Harrison’s Spiced Cider, with Calvados and Grand Marnier. Delicious, but kind of strange to put a hot drink in a wine glass with a straw.

Complimentary spicy potato chips are served in a small fryer basket, and here’s an order of spinach artichoke dip.

And a tomato pizza. Rather pedestrian crust, with the semi-crisp consistency of a frozen Ellio’s pizza.

I don’t think people come to the Round Robin Bar for the food. It’s all about the drinks and the atmosphere.  As the night wore on, the crowd got older and older, which is the opposite of what usually happens at bars. At one point, Rachel Maddow walked in. We gawked, but didn’t bother her.

Drinks are pricey at the Willard, making it not your go-every-week type of spot. (Or maybe it is if that’s how you roll). But as a holiday treat for that warm and fuzzy feeling, it’s just perfect. Bring on Christmas.

The Willard
1401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC