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NYC: Ethiopian at Queen of Sheba

This post is a lot more pleasant to write now that the NY Jets have been knocked out of the playoffs. You see, my friends and I ate ate this meal the night the Jets beat the Patriots; it was only thanks to good company and an Ethiopian dinner that the night was salvaged. We’d just watched the game at Lansdowne Road in Hell’s Kitchen, and a little drunk and a lot unhappy, headed to Queen of Sheba where we shared two combination samplers.

The meat sampler included different preparations of beef and lamb, while the vegetarian sampler consisted of collards, lentils, split peas, green beans and cabbage.  This may be one of the better Ethiopian restaurants I’ve been to in NYC.  The injera was appropriately tangy, and each dish had a ton of flavor. A few were pleasantly spicy, too.

I left in a brighter mood than what I’d arrived in. The lesson: after your team suffers a crushing loss, go eat Ethiopian. It’ll make you feel better.

Queen of Sheba
650 10th Ave. btw 45th & 46th
New York, NY