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Happy Hour at The Source

At some point happy hour evolved from reduced-priced drinks to reduced-priced drinks AND reduced-priced food. That’s an evolution I can get behind, because even when I’m having drinks — especially right after work — my mind is always distracted by a growling stomach.

For happy hour food that’s several rungs up the ladder from your typical $.10 wing night, try The Source, the Wolfgang Puck restaurant attached to the Newseum. For $20, you can sample three items off the lounge menu.

I was there with a few people last week, and we had a good time hanging out at the corner of the bar. The Source does Asian-inspired cuisine, and I chose my three items carefully to go along with cold sake.

Spicy tuna rolls with a chili aioli.

The explosively juicy mini banh mi of marinated pork. I anticipated the juice, I prepared for the juice, and I still got it all over my pants.

My favorite, the pork belly bao buns.

The bun is similar to the steamed baozi you typically find in dim sum — but this bao is folded into a tortilla shape, so that it can be filled with pork belly that’s crackling crisp on the outside, and practically melting away tender on the inside. I ate these grunting with pleasure and could have put away three or four more.

That’s some quality happy hour food.  Beats the pants off cheesesticks and chicken fingers.

The Source
575 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC