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Patriots Fever at Murphy’s

The New England Patriots play a huge game today, and I’m officially terrified.  Heartbreaking, last-second losses (to a New York team!!) in two of the last five Super Bowls will do that to you.

If you want to watch the game in the company of other nervous Pats fans, head over to Murphy’s in Woodley Park or Old Town.  I only discovered recently that Murphy’s is a New England Patriots bar, where Pats fans congregate and take advantage of beer deals on Boston’s own Sam Adams.

They also make a mean reuben.


Eat, drink, scream, swear, get an ulcer, watch through your fingers and make a prayer to the football gods. I don’t know why as fans we put ourselves through this misery every year, but we do. Because we love our team.

Go Patriots.

Murphy’s of DC
2609 24th St. NW
Washington, DC