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Winter is No Match for Sakuramen

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The restorative and soothing properties of soup cannot be overstated, particularly on a cold, winter night.  Soup warms you from the inside — something layers of clothing can’t do. And on the most basic level it’s comforting, harkening back to when you were sick as […]

Do I Have to Drive to Jersey for a Mochi?

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It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned mochi, but I’m afraid I must bring them up once more. See, an enormous Korean supermarket called H Mart recently opened near my parents’ house outside Boston — it’s such a mob scene that they have cops directing […]

Making Mochi: Don’t Try This at Home

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My sister Jen sent me a mochi ice cream recipe recently; it seemed relatively simple, so I picked up some rice flour and green tea ice cream, and set out to make the mochi to end all mochis. As it turns out, I’ve got zero […]

Get Your Sushi On at Murasaki

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I searched long and hard for a good Japanese restaurant to go to with the restaurant meetup. Some places were too pricey, others were too small for a group, and a few just looked tired (“tired” and “raw fish” are never words you want to […]

A Taste of Chinatown in White Plains

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Every once in a while, my stomach starts clamoring for a certain food, and it doesn’t stop until it’s satisfied (Is this what pregnant women go through?).  Often the craving’s for a particular Chinese dish; there must be something ingrained in my Chinese DNA (mom […]