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Misti Cafe’s Chicken, With Green Sauce

I’m not certain if Misti Cafe is the take-out sister restaurant of Pollo a la Brasa Misti. I’m assuming it is. Aside from the obvious name and menu similarities, I noticed that both sell the same indescribably delicious alfajores cookies. So I think the two are related. Either that, or they both just have good taste.

Pollo a la Brasa Misti is probably best known for its rotisserie chicken, and Misti Cafe does a solid version themselves, offering a 1/2 chicken over white rice, with a side salad.

The chicken was okay on its own, but what kicked it up a level were the two side sauces (not pictured) — a mustard and a spicy green.  I want a gallon of that green sauce for home; it made the dish.

So ask for extra green sauce.  While you’re at it, might want to pick up a few alfajores, too.

Misti Cafe
100 North Main St.
Port Chester, NY