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McKinney & Doyle: Rachael Ray Knows Best — Ask the Locals.

This post is for my Team in Training teammate and friend Anne, who had a very rough Sunday, but is tough as nails and on the mend.

Actually, Anne is partially responsible for this post.  When we talked about cheering on a few teammates racing up in Pawling, NY for the Pawling Triathlon, one of her first questions was, “So where are we going to have lunch?”

“I’ll find something,” I said.  “I’ll do some research.”

When you’re looking for small, out-of-the-way places, Roadfood.com is a good place to start — and wouldn’t you know it, they had a review of Karen’s, a roadside cafe in Pawling specializing in hearty breakfasts.  Sounded just about right.

Until the Tao of Rachael Ray came into play.  Remember how on $40 a Day she would dispense the advice, “Ask the locals”? Always made me laugh — one, because she said it like clockwork every single episode, and two, because the word “locals” conjured up images of Deliverance toothless-types.

We were standing at the triathlon getting hungrier by the minute (cheering is hard work), and chatting with another spectator who was from the area. I mentioned we were looking for good brunch, to which he replied without hesitation, “If you want brunch, you should go to McKinney & Doyle.”

This man seemed trustworthy.  Off we went.

McKinney & Doyle began as a bakery and expanded into a cafe. The bakery is on one side of the space.

There’s a very comfortable, homey feel to the dining room.

They’re easy to miss unless you look around, but up along the walls are some really funny quotes, like this one:

And another gem that Anne emailed me later:

“A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch.”

- James Beard

As for the food, thumbs up all around the table.  It’s a particularly nice brunch menu.

Here’s Andrea’s chicken salad.

Anne’s California omelet wrap.

I couldn’t decide between the chorizo scrambler and one of the omelets, and asked the server, “Which one has more food?”  She shot me a puzzled furrowed brow and answered, “They’re both pretty equal, but the scrambler does come on fresh tortillas.” Sold.

It was chorizo and scrambled eggs with potatoes, refried beans, fruit salad and a side of salsa and Tabasco.

Quite satisfied, we drove off to swim in the lake.

Never ignore the words of Rachael Ray.  Ask the locals!

McKinney & Doyle
10 Charles Colman Boulevard
Pawling, NY