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NYC: Ethiopian at Queen of Sheba

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This post is a lot more pleasant to write now that the NY Jets have been knocked out of the playoffs. You see, my friends and I ate ate this meal the night the Jets beat the Patriots; it was only thanks to good company […]

Food Truck Fest: We Came, We Saw, We Left Hungry

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Food bloggers dwell in hyperbole.  We proclaim this the best, that the worst; we love this, we hate that, and so on. And yet, I’m willing to bet that 85 percent of the unfortunate souls who attended the Parked Food Truck Fest on Sunday would […]

Braving Times Square for a Lobster Roll

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Whenever I’m in Manhattan, I avoid Times Square like the plague. I loathe Times Square. Schlock, sensory overload and a sea of tourists?  No thanks. Also, compared to the rest of the city, Times Square is a food wasteland of chain restaurants and tourist traps. […]

NYC: Num Pang or Banh Mi?

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In food, as in life, your first instinct is usually the right one. I realized that today after searching out a banh mi sandwich for lunch. First though, let me show you the spectacular view from the corner office where I had a meeting downtown. […]

NYC’s Yerba Buena Esta Muy Buena

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My friend Rishi knows Manhattan restaurants way better than I do, so I’m happy leaving it in his hands to pick a place to eat. On a sticky, humid Sunday, we met up for brunch at Yerba Buena, an East Village pan-Latin spot fusing South […]