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New in Woodley Park: Lillies

Among the many pleasant D.C. surprises is how open and green the city is. Parks, trees and grassy spaces are a cinch to come by, and the wide sidewalks are worthy of serious strolling.  Try strolling in Manhattan and you’ll be run over by pedestrians like the bulls of Pamplona. I love the sidewalks here.

Wide sidewalks offer another benefit: al fresco dining. It exists all over the city; I just hope people appreciate the luxury. I certainly do, especially when it’s right around the corner.

Lillies opened a few weeks ago in the space where Pesto used to be.  I get the sense the space had been vacant for a while, so it’s exciting to have a new restaurant move in. Lillies does breakfast, lunch and dinner (though dinner’s only until 7pm on weekdays, 8pm on weekends), and it’s also a cafe, making it a nice spot to lounge around in for coffee or tea.

I’m a sucker for breakfast and on a recent weekend morning enjoyed an omelet with toast.

I sat outside on the cozy patio, read my new issue of Saveur and people-watched as crowds headed up Connecticut Ave. towards the zoo.  Made me thankful to live in such a wonderful neighborhood as Woodley Park, and thankful for those wide sidewalks.

**Update: They now have both free WiFi and a liquor license, so drop in for a glass of wine.

2915 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC