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Feeling Peckish After Lunch at the TaKorean Food Truck

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I’m somewhat ambivalent about the whole food truck phenomenon. I get the attraction of fresh, out-of-the-norm food that pops up in your neighborhood like an ice cream truck on a hot summer day.  Food trucks are fun. They’re unique. It’s exciting to find out a […]

The Inaugural D.C. Food Post

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Hello D.C.! My name’s Doug and I’m a food blogger. I moved to your fine city just over a week ago, bringing my blog along with me.  The blog formerly revolved around my eating experiences in Westchester County, NY. Now, I’ll be focusing on the […]

Sampling Korean at Asagao Sushi

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You know a restaurant is brand spanking new when even the Yelpers and Chowhounders haven’t made it there yet. Those guys are fast on the draw to scope out the latest restaurants. My friend Ron suggested taking a visit to Croton-on-Hudson, mentioning that Asagao Sushi, […]

Stopping by Kalbi House for a Korean Fix

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The food craving monster reared its ugly head today.   After an afternoon of sitting on my butt watching the incredible Wimbledon final (greatest match ever?), I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s in White Plains.  Afterwards, I was driving down Central Ave. checking out the […]