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Half Moon, Full Taste

Signs that a restaurant’s lighting is dim: You’re not entirely sure what you’re eating; your pictures unintentionally look like impressionist photography; you need night vision goggles like the ones Buffalo Bill wore in Silence of the Lambs to read the menu, but you don’t have any, so you hold the table candle over the menu to get more light and your friend says, “Maybe you’re getting old.”  

Honestly, the dimness at Half Moon wasn’t a problem — okay, maybe a little – but only because when I’m blogging I want to get a good look at the food and have enough light to take pics.  Other than that, it was extremely effective in creating a mood — making the lights on the Tappan Zee Bridge pop through the windows and heightening the feeling of intimacy in a surprisingly large space.

And don’t get me started on the enticing bar area with its couches set around a roaring fire… I could live there.  For a summer hotspot, Half Moon sure makes a fine winter spot too.

Moki and I shared these mini pulled pork buns, un-sauced (I made that word up) but packed with a surprising hit of flavor.

(This is a good time to mention Half Moon’s carousel of servers… A hostess brought us to our table; a female server took our drink order; another female server took our meal order; a male server brought over our drinks; the female servers took turns popping by with our food, and both checked in to see if our meal was okay; the second female took our dessert order, and a different male server gave us our bill. Huh??  My only guess is that Moki and I were the butt of some joke and four servers decided they needed to take a peek.)

For my entree I ordered one of the day’s specials, coriander-crusted tilefish with mashed sweet potatoes and broccoli rabe.  

Here’s where the lighting was a drawback — I really couldn’t see what was going on with the fish.  The top was wonderfully crispy — I think it was the skin that had been pan-fried — but I can’t say for sure, it was too dark to tell.  A fine dish though — very delicate fish with a nicely subtle sauce.

Moki’s mahi mahi on acid.  See what I mean about the lighting wreaking havoc with the pictures?

For dessert, a huge serving of warm chocolate bread pudding with vanilla ice cream.  

I was worried I’d missed the boat on Half Moon, having not taken advantage of its outdoor dining and river views last summer.  No longer a concern — it’s a beautiful restaurant that’ll please the crowds during any season.  And even though I couldn’t see my food, my taste buds worked just fine.  


Half Moon
1 High St.
Dobbs Ferry, NY