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Greek Deli’s Homestyle Cooking

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The expression “homestyle cooking” gets tossed around occasionally, as in, “That restaurant does some real homestyle cooking.” What does that mean?  Isn’t cooking, just cooking? My take is that “homestyle” refers to a certain indefinable quality  — food that’s maybe a little rustic, less precise, […]

Get Him to the Greek (Festival)

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Quite the weekend in DC.  Artomatic, yoga on the Mall, dragon boat races… there seemed to be an interesting event going on at every turn. Up in my neck of the woods, there was the Greek Festival at Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Saw the […]

Spanakopita Made Easy

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Last summer, while shooting TV segments on Turkish cuisine, I gained a newfound appreciation for the art of making baklava. Each of those gooey crispy squares are the product of a labor of love, requiring time, patience, skill, a large amount of counter space and […]

How Do You Pronounce “Gyro?”

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I pronounce it, “Year-o.” On Seinfeld they said, “Jy-ro,” which always sounded egregiously incorrect. “Jeer-o” seems somewhat more accurate, and then you’ll sometimes hear, “Hero.” For some reason I think the correct pronunciation may be “Year-ro” with a slightly rolled “r?”  I can’t roll an […]

Gigandes (Giant Beans)

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Have you tried Lefteris’s Gigandes?  You haven’t?  Then I insist you drive to Tarrytown and visit Lefteris soon, this weekend even. Gigandes is a Greek bean dish — giant beans baked in a garlicky tomato sauce until they’re soft and buttery. Usually served as an […]