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Tough Decisions at Georgetown Cupcake

The timing was perfect. I was sitting on the Circulator bus tonight, traveling from Georgetown to Dupont Circle. I’d just met my friend Jenn, who was passing through town, at Georgetown Cupcake.  Thinking about the blog post I was going to write,  I overheard two people in front of me discussing cupcakes. Didn’t catch all of it, but this was the gist:

Guy: “I read that the city has something like 70 cupcake bakeries.”
Girl: “That’s crazy. You think, how often would you get a cupcake, maybe every two months at $4 a cupcake? I don’t know how that would support all of them.”

I don’t know when or how this whole cupcake craze started, but I suspect the credit goes to NYC’s Magnolia Bakery and Sex and the City. In any case, cupcake bakeries are white hot. I’ve never fully bought into the craze; I like cupcakes, but I don’t relish them with the fervor that others do, and I’d certainly never wait in line at Magnolia Bakery at 12:30 in the morning.

If it’s true that there are 70 cupcake bakeries in D.C., the sizeable line at Georgetown Cupcake proved that it’s one bakery not hurting for business.  Jenn and I did what normal people do — we checked out the selection and figured out what we wanted.  Of course someone always has to gum up the works — in this case, the woman in front of us who thought it’d be fun to take about a year to place her order. And the worst part was knew she was holding up the line (she acknowledged it), and that still didn’t speed up the process: What’s that one? How about that one over there? Oh, I don’t know…What does it taste like? Hey lady, I’ve got an idea: How about making a decision before I hit my 40s??!  I locked eyes with the poor girl taking the order, and we shared wry smiles and a roll of the eyes.

Jenn picked out a half dozen cupcakes for her aunt, and I chose these two: chocolate hazelnut and mint cookies and cream.

My issue with cupcakes in general is the price — $3 for a smallish cupcake — and the sometimes cloying sweetness. The mint cookies and cream frosting was an example of that — smooth and delicious, but there was just so much of it, and it was so sweet. The chocolate hazelnut cupcake was just right, though. Had a layer of chocolate between the cake and the frosting, and the chopped hazelnuts added a welcome crunch. Really good.

It’s now over three hours later. The woman in front of us is probably still placing her order.

Georgetown Cupcake
3301 M St. NW
Washington, DC