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Didn’t Injera Used to Be Sour?

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Used to be, you’d mention Ethiopian food to someone and receive a passionate response of “Oh, I love Ethiopian!’, or “I really can’t stand injera.” Spongy and slightly sour from fermentation, injera, the Ethiopian flatbread, was the great divider.  Either you were on board with […]

NYC: Ethiopian at Queen of Sheba

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This post is a lot more pleasant to write now that the NY Jets have been knocked out of the playoffs. You see, my friends and I ate ate this meal the night the Jets beat the Patriots; it was only thanks to good company […]

Lalibela on the Spur of the Moment

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Word of advice: Never discuss food after exercise. Burning calories leaves a person vulnerable and exceedingly susceptible to suggestion.  For instance, I’m so loopy and ravenous after a hard workout that if someone were to say to me, “Let’s drive to Montreal and try that […]

Almaz Cafe in Philadelphia

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One of the many fun things about blogging is that if you need a recommendation and throw a question out there, someone will respond and help you out.  Like when I went to San Francisco last December and ate at the reader-recommended Cordon Bleu, a […]

Ethiopian in New Haven and Michael Phelps

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Random notes for today: My co-workers John and Kristen told me about two Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurants in New Haven, CT: Caffé Adulis and Lalibela.  Ever been?  I keep hearing how amazing New Haven pizza is—- now I have to get up there to try their African food […]