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Video: Top Chef Meals — Delivering Meals to the Homebound

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According to recent statistics, over 20% of Westchester’s residents are 60 years of age or older, with seniors ages 85+ representing the fastest growing segment of the population. For seniors who are unable to cook, finding a way to eat can be difficult; restaurant meals […]

Shiraz’s Persian Food and Air Freshener Ice Cream

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It’s a sign of a restaurant’s overall quality when a subpar main course doesn’t kill your enthusiasm for the place, or your willingness to return for another visit. That’s my conclusion about the Persian restaurant, Shiraz. Shiraz has a lot going for it: reasonable prices, […]

Samosas and More at Bhavik Grocery

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Walking into an ethnic grocery store is like walking into a person’s house — the first thing you notice is the smell.   At a house you’re aware of scented candles, flowers, foods cooking in the kitchen… at Bhavik Grocery I was immediately struck by […]