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The Inaugural D.C. Food Post

Hello D.C.! My name’s Doug and I’m a food blogger. I moved to your fine city just over a week ago, bringing my blog along with me.  The blog formerly revolved around my eating experiences in Westchester County, NY. Now, I’ll be focusing on the food scene in D.C., Virginia and Maryland.

The key info: I’m fanatic about food, am an enthusiastic cook and have a slight obsession with mochi ice cream and banh mi sandwiches; I frequent all types of restaurants but am especially drawn to hole-in-the-wall ethnic spots; one of my high priorities is seeking out the best burgers and BBQ in the area; I’m picky about what constitutes good pizza; I adore Vietnamese and Ethiopian food and am fall-to-my-knees grateful to live in a city where there are multiple options for both (Westchester has no Vietnamese restaurants and up until last year, had no Ethiopian.)

What you’ll find on this blog are write-ups on restaurants, food finds, recipes and when I have time, food videos. The videos are what I’m most passionate about, so if you have an idea for a good one, or even want to be in one, feel free to get in contact with me.

Mostly, I try to keep the tone light and not take food blogging too seriously. If I can give you a few minutes of reprieve from the stresses of your day, I’ve done my job.

So let’s review what I’ve eaten so far.  Keep in mind, I’m fairly clueless right now about where to go; mostly I’ve been grabbing bites here and there while doing errands and making runs to the Container Store (my new favorite – I tweeted that it makes you become OCD about kitchen organization).

In Tenleytown, had a Latino chicken breast sandwich and fried plantains at Crisp & Juicy. The chicken was a little salty, but I enjoyed the messy sandwich, and the plantains were a treat.

In Cleveland Park, a chicken shawarma at Fresh Med (good shawarma but smallish), spring rolls and a bowl of pho at Nam-Viet (not the best flavored pho I’ve ever had, but still, Vietnamese in my neighborhood, how great is that?!)…

And my current addiction, Vace Italian Deli.

I’d say I’ve stopped in at Vace four times already. Can’t get enough of those slices. It’s simple pizza – no crazy toppings – but jeez do they do it well. Try the white onion or the spinach, and get them heated. The crust is nicely salted and has the thickness to crunchy balance down pat.

In my ‘hood of Woodley Park, the newly opened Frozen Yo.

Twelve (?) flavors of self-serve yogurt, assorted toppings, priced by weight.  Here’s my mix of mango and peach mango, sprinkled with fresh fruit.

Mmm. You will find me here a LOT during the summer.

Near U St., American Ice Co… went there last week for a DC food bloggers happy hour, which was a whole lot of fun. The food knowledge and passion of these bloggers is immense.

Try the dark, malty Duck-Rabbit beer – it’s a winner. So-so brisket sandwich, but it was much improved by the side of barbecue sauce.

After leaving American Ice Co, three of us headed to Mount Pleasant to the tiny Korean/sushi restaurant, Adam Express, where I ordered what I thought to be a small appetizer, but was in fact a meal in itself.

This seafood pancake was bursting with scallions and shrimp and served with a soy-vinegar dipping sauce.  We ate with gusto while perched on the stools at the counter. This was my kind of place – small, unassuming, inexpensive, with fresh, good food. A brisket sandwich followed by a Korean seafood pancake? Yup, that’s how I roll.

So that’s what I’ve eaten in my first week and a half in D.C. As I slowly discover more restaurants and hidden gems, you’ll hear about them. If you’ve got recommendations, please, keep them coming. That’s the beauty of moving to a new city: everything is waiting to be explored. I’m excited to be here. Looking forward to sharing my food adventures with you!

Crisp & Juicy
4533 Wisconsin Ave.
Washington, DC

Fresh Med
3313 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC

3419 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC

Vace Italian Deli
3315 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC

Frozen Yo
3000 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC

American Ice Co.
917 V St. NW
Washington, DC

Adam Express
3211 Mount Pleasant St. NW
Washington, DC