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Co Co. Sala’s Killer Chocolate Drinks

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The idea of chocolate mixed with a mojito sounded strange to me. So did a chocolate martini — mostly because I’m not a huge fan of martinis. But I’ve become a believer. Just as bacon elevates any food to a higher level, maybe chocolate does […]

VIDEO: A Chocolate Life — J. Chocolatier

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Across from Georgetown Cupcake on the other side of M St., sits the chocolate shop J. Chocolatier. It’s a wonderfully cozy little shop, with exposed brick, beautiful chocolates perched in glass displays, and soft lighting. The weather around DC appears to have gone south in […]

An Almost Guilt-Free Dessert

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When summer rolls around, there are two certainties: gas prices will rise, and so will my food bill. Happens every year; see, triathlon season’s in full swing, and as anyone who does endurance sports will tell you, training turns your body into a voracious fuel-burning […]