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First Time Making Pipa Tofu

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Pipa tofu is a dish rarely found on a typical Chinese restaurant menu. I know this because if it were on the menu, I’d order it all the time. Mashed soft tofu — often mixed with ground shrimp or pork — formed into an oval […]

Ping Pong’s Starter Dim Sum

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Ping Pong Dim Sum is to dim sum what P.F. Chang’s is to Chinese food.  That is to say, a safe introduction to an ethnic cuisine, but nowhere near the realm of authentic. (The fact that “P.F.” stands for founder Paul Fleming should tell you […]

Chalin’s: The Two Menus at a Chinese Restaurant

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Last week, during the Q&A portion of author Jennifer 8. Lee’s talk at the National Archives about the history of Chinese food in America, an audience member asked her what dishes would be considered “authentic” Chinese fare. Ms. Lee had just spent her lecture explaining […]

For a Numb Tongue, Go to Great Wall Szechuan House

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Among the people I’ve talked to who know Chinese food, there’s a general consensus that the DC food scene, for all its strengths, is not a hotbed of Chinese cuisine. (Not counting Maryland or Virginia, where all the good stuff seems to live; I’m referring […]

China Garden: Venturing into Rosslyn for Dim Sum

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What do Asians look for in an unfamiliar Chinese restaurant? We look for other Asians. The theory being, Chinese wouldn’t patronize a crappy Chinese restaurant. Based on theory alone then, China Garden in Rosslyn was already in the plus column. My parents and I stepped […]