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Texas Chili Restaurant: New Chili on the Block

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See that shimmering, orange liquid floating at the top of the chili?  That’s grease. I took this container and drained it for a good minute.  Then I drained it some more. The chili’s from Texas Chili Restaurant in Port Chester, recently opened by a former […]

The Pat’s Hubba Hubba Chili Dog

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My internet’s down at home and the Verizon guy isn’t coming until tomorrow.  I’m going nuts.  It’s shocking (and a little scary) how reliant we all are on our computers and the net.  I feel completely disconnected from the world (How am I supposed to […]

No Fire at SmokeHouse Chili-Grill

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I have three opinions about chili: 1) Beef chili trumps turkey chili 2) Ground beef is preferable to cubed beef 3) Chili should be SPICY #1 and #2 are less important to me than #3.  #3′s a big one — and that was my problem with […]