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Dino: The Best Burger in DC?

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It began with a simple comment.  My friend Amanda mentioned that she hadn’t found a great burger in DC (especially when compared with NY).  Hmmmm. When I got home I googled “Best burgers in DC.”  Meanwhile, it occurred to me that I hadn’t eaten a […]

Z-Burger: Reunited with a Lost Love

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From the moment my boss announced that she would be treating us to Z-Burger for lunch today, I’ve been wallowing in two emotions: guilt and rabid anticipation. Guilt, because of my general thoughts on meat-eating, and rabid anticipation, because it’s been ages since I’ve had […]

Birdsall House: I May Have Met the Cow That Became This Burger

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Eating a burger at Birdsall House was the next logical step after visiting Hemlock Hill Farm in Cortlandt Manor. I’d shot a video about the farm; I’d observed the cows up close as they grazed and lounged in the shade.  Hell, I’d even stepped in […]

Lunch Chowdown at Bridge View Tavern

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Year two of the rousing success that is the Sleepy Hollow Triathlon.  More importantly to readers of a food blog, year two of a fun post-race lunch. Last year we hit J.P. Doyle’s in Sleepy Hollow; this time venturing further down Beekman Ave. to Bridge […]

A Burger Pit Stop at Poppy’s in Beacon

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I often forget this — and maybe it’s because so much of the population is concentrated in the southern tip — but New York is a vast, vast state.  Get up north a bit and it’s wide open with rolling hills, pastures and farmland. I […]