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Three Brunches, Three Sighs of Contentment

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There’s no deep mystery behind the formula for a successful brunch. Basically, you want to offer a breakfast option, such as eggs, provide enough food to tide us over until dinner (it is breakfast and lunch after all), and serve everything up in a comfortable, casual […]

Enjoying Life and Brunch at Dino

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No one’s ever said the words, “Sure, I can do brunch, but can we make it quick? I’ve got to be somewhere.” At least I’m hoping it’s never been said. If it has, that offender needs to be banished from brunch for one year. Who […]

McKinney & Doyle: Rachael Ray Knows Best — Ask the Locals.

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This post is for my Team in Training teammate and friend Anne, who had a very rough Sunday, but is tough as nails and on the mend. Actually, Anne is partially responsible for this post.  When we talked about cheering on a few teammates racing […]

Sweet Grass Grill. Brunch. Good Times.

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I struggled to start this post, because I was wavering on which angle to write about.  At first it was going to be about Sweet Grass’s approach to sourcing local and natural ingredients; then I thought I’d speak (again) about my affection for Tarrytown. In […]

Facebook Made This Brunch Happen

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I am one of those people who hasn’t quite come around to this Facebook thing.  I’m on it (because of peer pressure), but don’t do anything with it, meaning I haven’t filled out my profile, only log in to accept friend requests or read things […]