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Pho 14 Makes a Wallet (and Stomach) Happy

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At Pho 14 the other night, someone at our table told us about the insanely low food prices in Vietnam, where a bowl of pho cost $1.50 American dollars. A more expensive bowl of pho? $2. Clearly, the phrase “cheap eat” is relative. There’s cheap, […]

A Banh Mi and Dessert in Old Town

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One of the best things about December — other than the holidays — were the extra vacation days I’d saved up; savings that allowed me to take several Mondays and Fridays off.  It’s amazing what that extra day of weekend does for the spirits. On […]

Chipotle Goes Asian With ShopHouse

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It took about ten seconds to decide what I wanted at ShopHouse. I’m not kidding, ten seconds. Bowl or Banh Mi… banh mi.  Meat… chicken and pork meatballs. Toppings… everything. Done. Order placed. ShopHouse is Chipotle’s Asian spinoff experiment, and the similarities are evident: streamlined […]

Eden Center: Vietnamese Nirvana

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The place is called, fittingly, Eden Center — a Vietnamese-American shopping center with around 120 stores and over 30 restaurants. I’ve never seen so many Vietnamese restaurants packed into one area. For a Vietnamese food-deprived soul from New York state, Eden Center is something of […]

A M.A.D Cafe Salad and a Vietnamese Banh Mi

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A few weeks ago, I made the horrible mistake of driving to Brooklyn for a morning meeting. What a disaster. It was like we were stuck in mud on the BQE, and that was followed in town by lights, construction and more traffic.  In the […]