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RIP White Chocolate

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I’m still in shock that Philip Seymour Hoffman died.  He was a colossally talented chameleon of an actor, probably among the two or three best actors working today. I took a quick look at his […]

Killer Tofu

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This may be my favorite name ever for a rock band: We saw this billboard at the National Theater in Richmond. I have so many questions: Did a band member become acutely ill from eating […]

Doi Moi’s Crispy Whole Fried Fish

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The crispy whole fried fish at Doi Moi is picture-worthy. Almost in unison, three of us in our group whipped out our phones to take a shot. The fish makes a quick journey from the […]

Rush Over to Rasika for the Crispy Spinach

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I’ve been told that if you live in D.C. and proclaim a love for food, a visit to Rasika is a must-do. You have to check that box. So if nothing else, I’ve finally put […]

Richmond’s Great, If You Can Survive the Traffic Getting There

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It took me three and a half hours to drive to Richmond last weekend to visit my friend Becky. I heard Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” four times on the radio.  There were no accidents, no […]