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What’s Winter Without S’Mores?

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The recipe for a great winter weekend: Take one cozy cabin at Cacapon Resort State Park, West Virginia. Add a postcard-quality snowscape with a fast, fun (and bumpy) sledding hill. Throw in a roaring fire […]

Did I Order Le Diplomate’s Worst Dish?

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If Le Diplomate were a movie on Rotten Tomatoes, it would boast an almost 100% fresh rating.  Its staff would be putting the final touches on their Vera Wang gowns and prepping acceptance speeches for […]

Afghan Grill’s Mantoo (Meat-Filled Dumplings)

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A few years ago I produced a TV food segment about manti — tiny, meat-filled Turkish dumplings.  As the chef herself said, “It is not easy making the manti. This is occasional food.” She wasn’t […]

The Mixed Bag That is Union Market

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Union Market is no Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. Let’s get that out of the way up front.  I don’t know that it’s even trying to be like Reading Terminal. The expectation was my own […]

Wagshal’s Brisket Sandwich is Like Biting Into a Cloud

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The mark of a superlative sandwich is one that you buy, start eating on the way to your car, and finish before you’ve even turned the key in the ignition. My plan was to take […]