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VIDEO: Making Chinese Egg Rolls

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Today is my mother’s birthday, so this post is for her.  Among her many cooking specialties are egg rolls, which she makes every Christmas and on other special occasions. In college, she would sometimes send me back to school with a few egg rolls after […]

Video: Going Local at Hemlock Hill Farm

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Hemlock Hill

I enjoy writing and putting together all of the posts for this blog, but this video on Hemlock Hill Farm ranks as one of my favorites. One of the oldest and last-standing livestock farms in Westchester County, Hemlock Hill is owned and operated by the […]

Video: Indian Cooking with Rinku

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Rinku Bhattacharya teaches Indian cooking classes, writes the blog Cooking in Westchester and is the author of the upcoming cookbook, The Contemporary Indian Table. We teamed up to put this cooking video together for one of her recipes: Salmon with Tamarind Chutney and Tangerine Glaze. I can […]

Video: Hot Dogs and Ice Cream Outing

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This video came about somewhat haphazardly. I planned to meet up with Katherine Curry, a freelance food writer for The Journal News, to check out a few hot dog and ice cream spots in Westchester. I asked Katherine if she minded me shooting video of […]

Tavern Restaurant: The Video

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Some people eat to live; others live to eat.  You can probably guess which camp I fall firmly into.  The purpose of this blog has never really been to review restaurants or pretend I’m some sort of critic, but rather to share my enthusiasm for […]