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VIDEO: Making Pizza Without Tomatoes

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Chef Matt Finarelli was the instructor for a bread making class I took at Culinaerie. Not only did we learn a lot, but we took home a boatload of freshly made bread which I savored for weeks. Chef Finarelli has a new cookbook out called […]

VIDEO: A Chocolate Life — J. Chocolatier

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Across from Georgetown Cupcake on the other side of M St., sits the chocolate shop J. Chocolatier. It’s a wonderfully cozy little shop, with exposed brick, beautiful chocolates perched in glass displays, and soft lighting. The weather around DC appears to have gone south in […]

VIDEO: My Family Tries Durian

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Possessed with a cast iron stomach and an inimitable willingness to eat anything, not much fazes Andrew Zimmern of “Bizarre Foods.” Yet I distinctly remember the episode where one food practically brought him to his knees; it was durian, a fruit he described as tasting […]

Video: Top Chef Meals — Delivering Meals to the Homebound

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According to recent statistics, over 20% of Westchester’s residents are 60 years of age or older, with seniors ages 85+ representing the fastest growing segment of the population. For seniors who are unable to cook, finding a way to eat can be difficult; restaurant meals […]

VIDEO: Halloween Cakes at Riviera Bakehouse

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If you’re a kid, you’re not doubt putting the final touches on your Halloween costume and dreaming of candy. ┬áIf you’re an adult, chances are you’re going to a Halloween party in the coming week (and possibly planning a costume of your own). At Riviera […]