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Taylor Gourmet Sandwiches Elicit Moans of Rapture

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Don Draper — or more likely Harry Crane — would have been thrilled to film my co-workers and me for a Taylor Gourmet commercial.  We were the perfect “Mad Men” TV campaign: a multi-racial group spontaneously erupting with sounds of ecstasy as we dug into […]

Disappointment With Thai X-ing’s Vegetarian Night

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It’s probably unfair to compare Thai X-ing to Little Serow. They’re putting out dishes with little passing resemblance – two very different styles of Thai cuisine. But when you dine at the two restaurants in consecutive weeks, comparisons are tough to avoid, especially considering how […]

The Little Serow Experience

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Little Serow must be 100% about its food, because the look of this small Thai restaurant is… well, it doesn’t look like anything, really. A sparse basement space with 28 seats, seafoam green walls (as described by my friend Leah), no decorations that I can […]

Is Absolute Noodle Worth a Visit? Absolutely.

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What’s the hotter trend in D.C. right now, ramen or “fried chicken and donuts”? And when will some daring restaurateur open an eatery that combines all three? In Penn Quarter, Daikaya has been generating buzz for its ramen bar and izakaya. One street over on […]

Slices at We, the Pizza

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After checking out the cherry blossoms a few weeks ago, my friend Liz and I were looking to grab a bite to eat. We both wanted something casual, and the immediate area around the Mall offers limited options. The solution was an easy one — […]