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Chinese Dumplings Invade Glover Park

It doesn’t appear that the word’s gotten out yet, but there’s a bona fide Chinese dumplings spot in town. The name of the restaurant, Dumplings and Beyond, is undeniably goofy — it conjures up images of bed sheets and 20% off coupons.

Don’t snicker at those dumplings though, ’cause they’re legit.

It seems that the chef/owner? of the highly esteemed China Bistro in Rockville has expanded her reach with this new venture in Glover Park. The handmade dumplings (jiaozi) are prepared with the same technique. (You can watch them being made on the way to the restroom.) The result is heavenly.

First, choose your filling. The ones pictured below were the house special of pork, shrimp, cabbage and chives.

Then take your pick of steamed or pan-fried. Why not both?

IMG_2066 IMG_2067

Dumplings come ten to an order.  That sounds like a lot, until you realize these aren’t the jiaozi you’re accustomed to eating in most Chinese restaurants. You know the type: gut-bombs with thick, gummy skin and leaden fillings. Two or three of those and you’re done.

The Dumplings and Beyond version is characterized by a delicate skin with chew. No easy feat — too delicate, and the filling would fall right out the bottom. It helps that the filling is packed with a gentle touch.

The result is a balanced dumpling that’s flavorful, juicy and light. You get rolling on these things and you’ll want to eat more and more. On this visit, three of us put down 40 dumplings with ease. I think we could have kept going.

I’d like to get the word out about Dumplings and Beyond, but not TOO much. Part of me wants to keep the place to myself so that I can stroll in there any time I’m around Glover Park. Sometimes a guy needs a dumpling fix.

Dumplings and Beyond
2400 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC


Bubble Teas in the District

As much as I enjoy Eden Center in Falls Church, the thought of getting in the car and driving out there every time I want a bubble tea isn’t appealing.  Especially if there’s traffic.

That’s why I’m so ecstatic to know that honest-to-goodness bubble tea can be had in DC — not only that, but a mere 15-minute walk from where I live. Am I excited? Hell yeah!

I’ve sampled two bubble teas in the District in the past week — the first was at Shanghai Tea House in Glover Park.  This was the large papaya flavor.

It arrived with ice in this cool-looking green glass. Milk based, with a nice mellow flavor. Less sweet than other teas. The tapioca pearls were cooked just right and I eagerly slurped them through the giant straw.

My friend and I also each ordered soup dumplings. Bubble tea and soup dumplings are the perfect afternoon snack.

This second bubble tea spot is in Adams Morgan at Kogibow Bakery. Many a time I’ve walked by or ridden past on the Circulator bus, spotted “Bubble Drinks” on their sign and thought, I’ve GOT to stop in there.

Here’s their list of bubble teas:

And my pineapple flavor.

So refreshing on a warm day. Definitely contained real pineapple juice too, not artificial flavoring. The tapioca pearls were a little odd — chewy, but also squishy? I don’t know why, but the first bite made me think I was biting into an eyeball. Not that I have much experience with that. They weren’t that bad, really.  Just not quite on par with other tapioca pearls — and they could have been sweeter.

Still, I can easily put up with eyeball-texture tapioca pearls. I happily strolled back to Woodley Park, bubble tea in hand. Now that I know about Kogibow Bakery, it’s a stroll I’ll be taking many, many times this summer.

Shanghai Tea House
2400 Wisconsin Ave.
Washington, DC

Kogibow Bakery
1817 Adams Mills Rd.
Washington, DC