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That Ain’t a Milkshake: Vegan Desserts at Sticky Fingers

Classic scene in “Pulp Fiction”: Vincent (John Travolta) and Mia (Uma Thurman) at Jack Rabbit Slims. Mia orders a $5 milkshake and Vincent asks to try it, leading to this line:

God damn, that’s a pretty fucking good milkshake. I don’t know if it’s worth five dollars but it’s pretty fucking good.

Fast forward to Sunday at the vegan bakery Sticky Fingers, where I had the vanilla soy milkshake. I believe it was something like $5.40, which to me, was quite pricey for a milkshake that didn’t even contain ice cream.

But, recalling Vincent’s positive reaction, I held out hope that this $5 soy milkshake would surprise and turn out to be pretty f’ing good.

It wasn’t.

To clarify, I didn’t like it, but this was also my first experience with a soy milk-based drink. If you regularly drink soy milk, this could be your dream milkshake, and I’m the one missing the boat.

As flavors go, the earthy nuttiness was odd. And then there was the texture — more slushy than smooth, more thin than creamy. Blech.

My friend and I found more success with the cupcakes.

She ordered a strawberry cupcake, and I think a chocolate oreo. I had to order a lemon Tour de France cupcake (of course!), which even came with a tiny, edible yellow jersey on top.

My first visit to a vegan bakery and my skepticism was sky high. But the cupcake was actually pretty good. Moist and lemony, and not too sweet. Tried the other two and they were solid too, especially the chocolate. As vegan desserts go, cupcakes seem to hold their own.

Soy milkshakes are another story. Maybe some foods are just not meant to be prepared vegan. To paraphrase the immortal words of Lloyd Bentsen:

I’ve had a vanilla milkshake. I knew a vanilla milkshake, a vanilla milkshake was a friend of mine. Soy milkshake, you’re no vanilla milkshake.

Sticky Fingers
1370 Park Rd. NW
Washington, DC