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Pho 14 Makes a Wallet (and Stomach) Happy

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At Pho 14 the other night, someone at our table told us about the insanely low food prices in Vietnam, where a bowl of pho cost $1.50 American dollars. A more expensive bowl of pho? $2. Clearly, the phrase “cheap eat” is relative. There’s cheap, […]

Ching Ching Cha: Georgetown’s Tea Oasis

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I don’t think Ching Ching Cha has a suggestion box, but if they did, my recommendation would be to improve the lighting. That’s it, that’s my suggestion. Aside from that, the Georgetown tea house is charming and quite unique. It feels like a peaceful oasis […]

DC Battle of the Bagels: Rating Three Area Bagel Shops

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What’s it like to have baked onion bits on your face, stuck to your fingers, down your shirt and all over your kitchen counter?  If you’re an onion bagel fan like myself, it’s glorious. And, well, that’s the price to pay for conducting a thorough […]

Did I Order Le Diplomate’s Worst Dish?

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If Le Diplomate were a movie on Rotten Tomatoes, it would boast an almost 100% fresh rating.  Its staff would be putting the final touches on their Vera Wang gowns and prepping acceptance speeches for next week’s Oscars. That’s how much DC folks love Le […]

Afghan Grill’s Mantoo (Meat-Filled Dumplings)

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A few years ago I produced a TV food segment about manti — tiny, meat-filled Turkish dumplings.  As the chef herself said, “It is not easy making the manti. This is occasional food.” She wasn’t kidding.  After making the dough, she rolled it out and […]