Slices at We, the Pizza

After checking out the cherry blossoms a few weeks ago, my friend Liz and I were looking to grab a bite to eat. We both wanted something casual, and the immediate area around the Mall offers limited options. The solution was an easy one — hop on the Metro at Smithsonian and travel the three stops to Capitol South, where it was a quick walk to We, the Pizza.

Pies on display. You can order whole pies or choose by the slice.


I haven’t seen too many pizza joints in DC serving by the slice; it’s a nice option, reminiscent of the New York style that I think We, the Pizza is aiming for.

There are toppings galore. You’d have a hard time not finding something to suit your taste.


Most slices go for $4. Certainly not cheap, but they’re quite large, so you’ll most likely only eat one, or two, max.  They’re popped in the oven to re-heat before being served.

On the left is a slice of wild mushrooms and thyme. On the right, sausage and peppers with basil.


Crisp crust and very tasty toppings. Especially those mushrooms. Liz liked her slices (one was a Buffalo chicken) quite a bit.

We both left happy. $8 for dinner (not bad for DC), and we caught the cherry blossoms before they all disappeared. I’d say that’s a successful spring night.

We, the Pizza
305 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Washington, DC

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