Is It Ever Okay to Wear a Bluetooth Headset in a Restaurant?


I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.
- Ron Burgundy

When a person wears a Bluetooth headset during dinner at a nice restaurant, he/she is announcing to the the world that either A) I’m very, very important, or B) I’m a massive tool.

On a recent Saturday night at Farmers Fishers Bakers, my friends and I spotted the guy at the table next to us rockin’ the Bluetooth on his right ear.  He appeared to be on a date.

I didn’t think much of it at the time. A little tacky, but I figured he had his reasons for needing instant access to his phone. I ran through the possibilities:

He’s a doctor on call. He works on the Hill and is trying to put an end to this sequestration nonsense. He’s a Metro escalator repairman. (In which case his phone would be ringing off the hook.)  He works with Claire Danes at the CIA chasing Abu Nazir.

In Washington, anything’s possible.

My friend Liz was less forgiving. She was outraged. I forget her exact words, but the gist of it was the guy was a d-bag.

The more I thought about it later, the more I agreed.  I mean come on, don’t we have any manners left in this world?  I can only imagine what the poor date was thinking.

Liz sent me an email later summing up the sentiments.

I think that’s rude. You are SOO important you can’t remove your Bluetooth while we share a meal at a restaurant??  I don’t think so. I am feeling pretty confident that when Barack Obama sits down to dinner with his family, he isn’t wearing a Bluetooth. Michelle would NOT put up with that nonsense.

Guys, don’t be that guy. Put the headsets away.

One thought on “Is It Ever Okay to Wear a Bluetooth Headset in a Restaurant?”

  1. I’m only speaking for myself but i put my bt headset on in the morning while I’m getting dressed and then leave it in all day. I used to take it out and put it back in, and then take it out and repeat… But I kept losing the darn thing. So I learned to live with it in, all day, every day.

    It doesn’t block my ability to hear through that ear and I have never once worn it for attention. That never occurred to me to do. Honestly. I buy matte black bt headsets. Not shiny ones. I put it in and it stays there. It’s like my wallet or my watch. It’s just a part of my day. The “big deal” image is all in your head. It’s funny. I agree, but it’s not how this bt wearer feels.

    I don’t take calls at dinner, period. But I don’t take my bt out of my ear either. Why? I honestly forget it’s there. But I don’t take my watch off either. I have seen ppl take their phones out & loudly answer calls in restaurants. Never noticed a bt wearer do this. I bet the same ppl judging bt wearers are the first to pull out their smart phones during dinner. Or sit across from each other & silently stare at their phones instead of each other.

    Bcos I have a bt, I can be aware of incoming calls and discreetly decline them, while at the same time, if an emergency call comes in, I can excuse myself to answer the call. I decline calls like that all the time. Never had an emergency call come through. Yet.

    I haven’t held a phone to my head since like 2005. Also, now that this article has me thinking about it, ppl who wear bt, can’t look as stupid as all of these Neanderthals holding phablets up to their faces? Can we? Holding a phone against your face? Skin oil? Finger germs on the face? You kinda look like a baby playing with a toy. Don’t forget texting and driving after you leave the restaurant.

    I gotta believe most ppl who wear bt are oblivious to your perspective, but that they’re also not doing anything regular phone users aren’t. IMO, bt users are typically more sophisticated. But yes, we should probably take them off more often. I’ll try. (No I won’t. I’m mostly afraid I’ll lose one again)

    Anyways… Vent. Done. Peace. #RANDOM

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