There’s Messy, and There’s Hot N Juicy Crawfish

I have crawfish juice stains on a pair of wool dress pants, courtesy of a meal at Hot N Juicy Crawfish.

Dining at Hot N Juicy is impossibly messy.  There’s just no way to avoid it, so better to embrace the mess (and maybe don’t come in your nice work clothes).

Look at that pristine, white tablecloth and those unsullied bibs.


A few of us shared the crispy, sweet, creamy, corn fritters. I would have been happy with a plate of those all for myself.


Then it was on to the main event, a pound of shrimp, and a pound of crawfish, both in the Cajun extra spicy sauce.

They arrived in plastic bags. Elegant, no, practical… maybe?


The crawfish were in this bag, along with potatoes and corn swimming in there somewhere.


This was the last pic I was able to take for a while — soon after, crawfish juice and sauce were dripping down my hands and arms.


I haven’t had crawfish in a long time, so this was a treat.  And the spicy Cajun sauce really cleared the sinuses. Don’t forget to suck the juices out of the heads — some of the best flavor’s in there.

Also, as you can probably guess, there’s not a ton of meat in a crawfish. If you’re sharing with four or five people, I’d highly recommend ordering a second pound of crawfish, or a second a pound of shrimp.

By the end, there was nothing left except for a mound of napkins, shells, beer bottles ($1 beers!) and what was left of the plastic bags.  And this was just one end of the table.


Seriously though, anyone know how to get crawfish juice stains out of pants?

Hot N Juicy Crawfish
2651 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC

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