A Surprisingly Great Dinner From a Tube of Polenta


Have you seen these polenta tubes in the supermarket?  They’re everywhere, and I always scratch my head as to what exactly you’re supposed to do with them. I’ve made polenta before and the steps never involved forming it into the shape of a sausage.

But Eureka, now I get it!  I found this New York Times recipe the other day, and finally the polenta tube made sense.

The recipe is for grilled polenta on a spicy tomato sauce with fried eggs, and it’s a keeper.

All I did was cut the polenta tube into rounds and throw them on the griddle until they browned on both sides.



The sauce of diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, capers and olives came together in minutes.


For my own addition to the recipe, I roasted kale with garlic cloves and olive oil until the kale was crispy.

The last step was to fry up a few eggs.

The tomato sauce went on the place first, followed by the grilled polenta rounds. I piled a small mound of kale onto the polenta, and placed the fried egg on top.


So good.

I store all my digital recipes on Evernote, the notetaking software service and app.  This one got an asterisk next to it, for “Favorites.”

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