A Leftover Ham Bone Makes Amazing Soup

I’ve decided the best part of Thanksgiving leftovers isn’t the turkey, it’s the ham bone (assuming you have a ham).

My cousin Vivian sent me home from Thanksgiving a few weeks ago with a hefty, meaty bone. I don’t often go out and buy a ham bone or hock, so this was a treat, and I put it to good use.


I anchored the bone in the middle of the pot and simmered the soup of pinto beans, kale and spinach for about an hour and a half, until the meat was ready to fall off.  Then I removed it from the pot.


Stripped off the meat and put a small amount back into the soup. The rest went into plastic bags and into the freezer for future use.

Gave the soup a taste. Ohhhhh, happy day!  It was one of the richest, most flavorful soups I’d ever made, and it had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with that ham.


Christmas is next week. Save the ham bone. Always save the ham bone.


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