Sushi at Gazuza

For a fourth choice, Gazuza Lounge wasn’t half bad. My friends and I had checked out three other sushi restaurants in Dupont Circle on a recent Friday night, and all were fully booked (note to self: always make a reservation), meaning we ended up at Gazuza somewhat by default.

We had barely sat down and begun looking at the menu (at the low table and chairs which were at toddler height — I felt like Gandalf visiting Frodo’s house), when our server came over, stating brusquely:

“I need to see your IDs and a credit card.”

IDs I get — even though all three of us are far, far removed from age 21 — but why the credit card? We were ordering food, not starting a tab.

When we hadn’t presented the plastic fast enough, she said it again, this time more firmly.

“Can we just look at the menus first?” we asked. Sheesh. This server had all the charm of the chairs we were sitting on.

After she left we decided a customer must have skipped out on her at some point, and that’s why she was demanding a credit card up front. Anyway, it was strange.

Here are our maki rolls:

The more you can’t have something, the more you want it, and by the time we hit Gazuza I really wanted sushi. Wasn’t so sure what to expect from this hookah bar/lounge, but fortunately, the sushi was actually pretty good. Nicely presented and fresh. It did the trick, even making up for the hobbit chairs and cold fish server.

Gazuza Lounge
1629 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC

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