Momoyama: Strange Location, Good Food

I’m classifying Momoyama as a hidden gem.  It’s tucked away in an odd location, a small side street behind the Department of Labor and kind of in a Capitol Hill no-man’s land. Hell, my co-worker Cindy and I work not far from there, and even we didn’t know it existed until we stumbled across it while going for a walk.

We were both pleasantly surprised with this little sushi joint.

Take the age tofu, for instance: lightly fried silken tofu in a sweet/savory broth and liberally sprinkled with bonito flakes. It’s become one of my favorite dishes at Japanese restaurants, and this version did not disappoint. It was a first for Cindy and she liked it too.

While waiting for our main dishes, I made a comment to Cindy how fresh everything looked. All around us customers were digging into sashimi/nigiri, and bento boxes, the contents of which were bright and colorful and just looked, well, good.

Here’s my beef bulgogi bento box.

Generous portions of everything, including the bulgogi, salad, tempura veggies, seaweed salad, and six pieces of California roll.  A lot of food, nicely prepared.

Maybe it’s better that Momyama stays a bit under the radar, because it makes for a great local lunch spot and I’d hate for it to get super crowded. For selfish reasons, of course — I’d like to go back.

231 2nd St. NW
Washington, DC

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