A M.A.D Cafe Salad and a Vietnamese Banh Mi

A few weeks ago, I made the horrible mistake of driving to Brooklyn for a morning meeting. What a disaster. It was like we were stuck in mud on the BQE, and that was followed in town by lights, construction and more traffic.  In the time it took to reach Brooklyn and back, I could have been in New Hampshire.  If I had to make that drive every day, I’d steer myself right off the RFK Bridge.

On the way home, crabbiness and hunger spurred me to make a detour and get something to eat.  I swung off the Hutch in Pelham and stopped in at a spot I knew to be close by — M.A.D Cafe.

I’ve been told that M.A.D (“Modern American Dining,” in case you were wondering) serves good breakfast grub ; I can’t vouch for the breakfast, but I do know they have a solid selection of sandwiches. And I like their “build your own” salads, which is what I came for.

I chose mixed greens and added in cucumbers, chicken, blue cheese, and diced apple.

The initial reaction is, $9.50 for this? However, the container is deceptively deeper than it appears. I don’t get full easily, but this salad was big and hearty enough to satisfy the appetite.

This week I smartened up and took the train to Brooklyn. Way less stressful, especially once you get to Grand Central and begin traveling against the flow of morning commuters. Guess what I discovered on 7th Ave. in Park Slope — two Vietnamese banh mi shops, within blocks of one another. Damn you, residents of Park Slope!  Naturally, I had to try one.

This grilled pork banh mi came from Henry’s.

I cannot get enough of these sandwiches. And you know what? The banh mi made all the aggravation of Brooklyn worth it.

M.A.D Cafe
129 Wolfs Lane
Pelham, NY

433 7th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

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