A Martha’s Vineyard Lobster Roll

My brother-in-law Joe made an observation that Columbus Day weekend is the new Labor Day — that last gasp of summer before we shelve our shorts and t-shirts for good, break out the sweaters and turn our attention to Halloween and the holidays. (My god, is Christmas really only two months away???)

I spent Columbus Day weekend on Martha’s Vineyard; as the weekend drew closer, my mind fixated on clam rolls and lobster rolls, two quintessential New England summer foods that quite honestly, I don’t know where to get around here.

Before hopping on the ferry out of the Vineyard, I made sure to get my fix. From what I’d read, The Net Result in Vineyard Haven had good seafood.

It’s a seafood market that also sells food to go.

The lobsters in the tanks were enormous.

You can’t go to New England and not have a New England clam chowder (yes, that was a double negative). You just can’t. I know I’ll sound like a homer, but chowder tastes different up there.

It was tempting to order both a clam roll and a lobster roll; ultimately I decided not to be a pig and opted for the lobster roll.

The good: Generous portion of fresh lobster meat, light dressing of mayo, very little filler. That’s really all you need for a lobster roll. Keep it simple, let the lobster stand on its own.

The bad: This jumped out at me immediately — a cold bun. Big flaw. Placing beautiful lobster meat on a cold bun is like serving filet mignon on a paper plate. You’ve gotta butter and toast that thing.

Disappointing bun aside, it was just nice to eat chowder and lobster under sunny skies. A last hurrah of summer.

The Net Result
79 Beach Rd.
Vineyard Haven, MA

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