VIDEO: Making Chinese Egg Rolls

Today is my mother’s birthday, so this post is for her.  Among her many cooking specialties are egg rolls, which she makes every Christmas and on other special occasions.

In college, she would sometimes send me back to school with a few egg rolls after a visit home.  I’m not proud to admit, I never shared a single one with my roommate or friends. Couldn’t do it. I was hungry all the time in college (not much has changed) and those things were like gold.  Whatever magnanimous spirit I may have possessed did not extend to mom’s egg rolls.

I was up in Boston last weekend visiting the family, and my mom and I shot this video of her making her awesome egg rolls.  You’ll see that they’re quite different from the heavy, cabbage-filler egg rolls often served at Chinese restaurants with goopy duck sauce. My mom has her own preference of filling, but you can put whatever you like inside.  They’re best eaten with a vinegar-soy dipping sauce or with hot sauce.

Hope you like the video!  Let me know what you think.

And happy birthday, Mom!

11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Making Chinese Egg Rolls”

  1. I wouldn’t share these egg rolls either! They look delicious and love the crisp! Terrific job on the video — easy to follow. A very Happy Birthday to Doug’s mom.

  2. This video is AMAZING. Really, it’s so beautifully done. The music, visuals and sounds completely capture the essence of cooking. I’m coming over to your mom’s house!

  3. I Have To Have This Recipe! This video Really Does This Recipe Justice, All Te Other Videos I’ve Seen Looks Nothing As Good As These. Can You Post The Recipe Pleaseee?! I’m In Love.

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