SoNo: Tacos at Los Molcajetes

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I’m developing a fondness for this South Norwalk. ┬áBack there once again, I couldn’t help myself from making a taco pit stop before heading home.

You’d be hard pressed to find tastier, fresher tacos than the ones served up at Los Molcajetes. For a piddly $4 I feasted on two of them, one chicken, one al pastor.

Bundled in doubled up soft corn tortillas (preventing the tacos from breaking), each was stuffed with juicy diced meat, onions, cilantro, sliced radish and carrots, accompanied by a lime wedge and two sauces — a mild salsa verde and a kickier red sauce.

Awesome eating. And messy: juices and sauce streaming down fingers and chin, meat and veggies falling every which way. Indelicate, no doubt, but I view tacos in the same way that I view pizza — that it’s food best eaten with your hands, and the only way to truly experience the flavors and textures is to get your mouth right up in there and spray stuff all over yourself.

So that’s what I did.

Los Molcajetes
211 Liberty Sq.
Norwalk, CT

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