Santorini’s Baklava on ‘Roids

I have Greek food ADD. The last two times I ate at Lefteris my friends and I shared a variety of appetizers, tapas style.  It was so good and so filling (the portions were huge) that I don’t think I could ever go back to focusing my attention on only one dish. I must graze.


Which is exactly what I did with the restaurant meetup at Santorini in Sleepy Hollow.  While everyone else ordered entrees, Caroline and I decided to share several appetizers as our meal.

Stuffed grape leaves were a given.


They were fine, but the grape leaves at Lefteris and Yaranush are better — plumper, juicier, with more going on flavor-wise.

Next we had lightly battered and fried zucchini.


These falafel were tasty, if a little on the small side.


The light and flaky spanakopita were excellent.


Hearty Greek meatballs in a rich tomato sauce.  I took pita rounds and scooped up the extra sauce.


Here was the highlight, whole calamari, grilled  and seasoned with salt, oregano and lemon.  Brilliant in its simplicity.


Then there was dessert.  You know how baklava usually come in small triangular or square pieces, the key word being “small”? Not at Santorini.


“OH MY GOD!” I blurted out when the server set this giant hunk of a dessert down.  Someone suggested I include my finger in the photo as a size reference, sort of like when Richard Dreyfuss was taking pictures of the shark in Jaws and begged Roy Scheider to move into the foreground of the shot to give it scale.   This was the Jaws of baklava.

And delicious — homemade, warm, flaky, nutty and swimming in a silky honey sauce.  Our sweetheart of a server beamed with pride about it, and rightly so.   I gave a chunk to Lisa, polished off the rest, and vowed to go an especially long run the next day (which I’m proud to say I did).

I think I’m still giving the overall nod to Lefteris, but Santorini is better suited for a large group, and the service is very nice.  You can have a good time and graze happily here.

Save room for a baklava.

Santorini Greek Restaurant
175 Valley St.
Sleepy Hollow, NY

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