Wedge Inn’s Cheesesteak, Whiz Wit, Wit?

“Restaurants that serve chili should have bathrooms.”
– Jose, January 25, 2009

The Wedge Inn reminds me of a place where you’d see Tony Soprano.  Not that you’d get whacked or anything — I just could imagine him eating a sandwich there.

I heard about Wedge Inn from my friend Jose, who happened upon it on his way home from physical therapy.   He told me about their unique cheesesteak… with chili.  (If you ordered this in Philly would the chili count as an extra “wit”?)

A better name would be “The Maalox.”  It’s like they took every food that causes indigestion — sliced steak, Cheez Whiz, peppers, onions, chili — and put it on a roll.  Mighty tasty, if a little skimpy on the steak.  A lot more meat could have been packed in there.

(It’s occurred to me that whenever Jose and I grab a bite we eat the most astoundingly unhealthy foods. We’ve done hot oil and sausage pizza, chili, hot dogs, cheesesteaks…  One more meal together and we receive a complimentary nitroglycerin tablet.)

And Jose does make an astute observation: Wedge Inn serves all sorts of fried, greasy food, yet they don’t have a bathroom on the premises.  I feel like you should know these things.

Wedge Inn
885 Summer St.
Stamford, CT

6 thoughts on “Wedge Inn’s Cheesesteak, Whiz Wit, Wit?”

  1. Doug,

    I have been reading, and enjoying, your site for some time. As a NYC transplant living in Westchester (Mamaroneck) who loves to eat and to cook, your entries have been very interesting to me. I usually am in complete agreement with your opinions and your reviews (get out of my head!); however, as someone who was born and raised in Philly, I have some “issues” with your latest post. First, the only place to get a true Philly cheesesteak is in Philly. I wish this weren’t the case, but it is. I’ve tried many of the “Philly” cheesesteaks here in the NYC area, and they do not compare to the gold standard…Jim’s on South Street. Second, a Philly cheesesteak would never, ever have chili on it; therefore, by definition, this cannot be one. Third, I can tell just by looking ar the photo that this sandwich, though possibly delicious, is not a Philly cheesesteak: error #1 – the roll looks too soft and doughy; error #2 – it has chili on it!; error #3 – the steak looks like sheets of steak-ums (ugh)…it needs to be chopped up; error #4 – there are giant pieces of green pepper on it (small pieces could possibily be on a pizza steak, an accepted variation of the Philly cheesesteak, but not ones like those). All this being said, Wedge Inn looks like a great sandwich place and I will definitely check it out, but it should not be calling that sandwich a Philly cheesesteak.

  2. You make a good point and I should have been less careless with my words. I tend to call anything with sliced steak and cheese a “cheesesteak”, but I think Wedge Inn lists this sandwich on their menu as a “steak wedge with chili and peppers”, if I remember correctly. So they don’t refer to it as a cheesesteak, that’s just what Jose and I were calling it. My bad.

  3. It seems most places in CT call what would be called a cheesesteak a “steak and cheese.” that’s at least what I’ve seen growing up in CT. That’s how I differentiate between what I get here in Philly, where I live now, and what I get everywhere else.

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