Samosas and More at Bhavik Grocery

Walking into an ethnic grocery store is like walking into a person’s house — the first thing you notice is the smell.   At a house you’re aware of scented candles, flowers, foods cooking in the kitchen… at Bhavik Grocery I was immediately struck by the aroma of fragrant Indian spices and fried foods.   It was an aroma that told me I was somewhere exotic and interesting.

(A tip about Bhavik: Park on the street.  I almost caused a riot because I didn’t realize the parking lot was so small; I tried pulling in as a car was pulling out, got stuck halfway between the parking lot and Rt. 119 and ended up blocking traffic for a good minute.  The drivers were not happy.)

I’ve been wondering where to go when my Indian spices run out, and now I know — Bhavik’s got all the spices covered, along with a wide selection of dals, rices, sauces, produce, frozen foods and Indian yogurts/ cheeses.

Near the register are the freshly prepared foods.  This chole (spicy curried chickpeas) was refreshing and sneaky spicy.

I picked up a package of gobi paratha (cauliflower flatbread) — thinner and lighter than naan, all it took was a few minutes in the oven to warm it up, and it became the perfect vehicle for scooping up extra chole sauce.

There’s no resisting a fresh samosa — it’s a physical impossibility. These weren’t sneaky spicy, they were plain spicy, just the way they should be.

Bhavik’s the kind of place where you see groups of Indian families come in together to shop.  I like that — it’s nice watching the curious little kids run around while their parents and grandparents pick up groceries for the week.   You know those lucky kids are in for some great home-cooked meals.

But they don’t have to have all the fun.  If you can survive the parking at Bhavik, pick up some authentic ingredients and make a great Indian meal of your own.

Bhavik Grocery
130 Main St.
Elmsford, NY 10523

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