Sandwich Nirvana at Lange’s Deli

Sorry to post twice in one day, but I feel the need to tell you about an extraordinary sandwich. It’s called the “Mr. Lange” and you can find it appropriately, at Lange’s Deli in Scarsdale.

A great sandwich is an assemblage of great individual components, and the “Mr. Lange” nails it, from the bread down to the condiments.   First, there’s the grilled chicken.  Leave chicken on the grill too long and it turns into a piece of cardboard.  Lange’s gets it just right — thick pieces of succulent chicken that manage to be both tender and moist.  

(This is in direct contrast to the abysmal grilled chicken sandwich I had at a Larchmont deli last weekend.  The chicken was sinfully dry and tough, and I almost took out a molar trying to get through it.  The sandwich was so bad I didn’t even have the heart to blog about it.  There was nothing to say.)

But back to the “Mr. Lange”: Sitting on top of the chicken were beautifully crisp fried slices of golden brown, breaded eggplant. A perfect compliment of texture and flavor. The bread was slathered with a pesto mayo — just enough to impart a distinct taste of basil without being overpowering — and the juicy tomatoes were summery and refreshing.

But here was the secret killer weapon — goat cheese. Tangy, smooth and rich, it took the sandwich to another level — from delicious to sublime.   I was woozy.  I ADORE goat cheese. You could serve me goat cheese on shoe leather and I’d probably eat it.

Put all the components together on a chewy wedge and I was feeling the kind of love Kumar had for his imaginary giant bag of weed.  I had the Office Space O-Face going.  I was thinking things like, “Who have I dated in Scarsdale?” and “Maybe we should get back together.”  These thoughts couldn’t be stopped — it was an epic sandwich.

Mr. Lange must have been especially fond of this creation, if out of all the sandwiches in his deli, this is the one he chose to name after himself.   He made the right choice.  Can I eat this everyday, please?  Please?

Lange’s Deli of Scarsdale
57 Spencer Place
Scarsdale, NY 10583

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