Get Your Sushi On at Murasaki

I searched long and hard for a good Japanese restaurant to go to with the restaurant meetup. Some places were too pricey, others were too small for a group, and a few just looked tired (“tired” and “raw fish” are never words you want to hear together).   Murasaki in Nyack seemed like the perfect choice— at seven months old it’s still somewhat new and striving to impress; plus it doesn’t have the trendy vibe of its neighbor down the street, Wasabi.   Safe to say it was a success; practically everyone ordered sushi, some for the first time (go Karen!).  

I started with the grilled eggplant glazed with miso— oh man was it good.  The mirin and miso glaze gave it a slightly sweet/salty flavor and the chunks of scored eggplant were creamy and tender.   Maybe a bit greasy overall, but I really enjoyed it. 

The sushi rolls (spicy tuna on the left, eel and shrimp on the right) were also extremely well made and great to look at.  The texture of the rice was just right— it had a nice bite and I liked the little pieces of scallion sprinkled in.

Check out this mochi— now that’s a dessert.  Of course I had to get one.   Josh, who was sitting across from me, got one too, although his was accidental (he thought he was ordering just green tea ice cream).  After tasting the mochi, I think he’s now a disciple.  

Excellent meal.  I still want to try the food at Wasabi, but if it’s full, I’ll happily go back to Murasaki.


138 Main St.
Nyack, NY 10960

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